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Jonesboro, AR -- Marsha Mays Reporting

Traffic on the Agenda Once Again

JONESBORO, AR -- The agenda was lengthy at a Jonesboro city meeting Tuesday for land use and infrastructure. Traffic was discussed once again and it's an issue that's stays on the agenda at nearly every city planning meeting.

"It's the number one concern of the majority of the citizens in Jonesboro because regardless of what you do, whether you're a student, whether you have a business, whether you're going to and from work, everyone has to live with our traffic daily," says Jonesboro Alderman John Street.

The southern part of the city has already under gone a traffic study. Now the city is looking to start the study for the northern side of Jonesboro. Many things are on the plan to be fixed.

"Dedicated right turn lanes in most major intersections that will allow a lot of traffic to go ahead and flow. We're looking at computer signalization of our lights to coordinate the lighting and let traffic flow," says Street.

But city planners and officials say they need your patience. They're working on the plan and one step at a time, the traffic problem in the growing city of Jonesboro will hopefully be an easy ride.

"We didn't get in this situation overnight, and we can't fix it overnight, but it's important to do proper planning so when you do it, you do it right the first time," says Street.

Three of the major goals outlined in the meeting for the streets in Jonesboro included improving public safety, reducing traffic congestion, and also enhancing economic growth and development.  

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