Region 8 Wakes Up to Damage from Overnight Storms

JACKSON COUNTY, AR -- The strong batch of storms that raced through Region 8 last night left behind a fair share of damage in Izard, Fulton, and Searcy and Jackson counties.

Wednesday morning Jackson County resident William Johns woke up to a scary site...a mobile home torn to shreds in his backyard.

"It's hard to believe, I was asleep 30 yards from it and never realized it happened," said Johns.

Luckily no one was inside but he says the storm caused more than a $100,000 dollars worth of damage to Johns' business.

"This is how we make a living, we remodel the trailers to resale and then we had the camper trailer for sale and we had it parked on the side to prevent it from getting damaged and now it is totaled," said Johns.

Even though Johns didn't hear the storm he is sure a tornado touched down.

"There's a convertible sitting out there and it didn't touch it with a cloth top, if it had been a straight line wind surely it would have done something to it," said Johns.

A mile away down the road, Donald Lewellyn's farm also felt the impact from the storm. Three of his four grain bins were heavily damaged along with one of his augers and tractor. Plus several grain bins that sat here across from his farm were picked up and tossed more than 100 yards away into his fields.

"It's a big blow this time of year when we got the high fuel costs and high inputs and stuff just another blow to the farmer," said Lewellyn.

While insurance will cover a portion of it this storm will still will prove to be very costly.

"I'm going to say between a $150-$175,000," said Lewellyn.

However for Lewellyn this storm could have been much worse.

"We were real lucky because we moved the rice out just four days ago, we were real lucky," said Lewellyn.

This was the first year Lewellyn didn't have insurance on his rice and while this storm will ultimately cost him around $75,000,  had there been grain in those bins the storm would have put him out of business.

According to the Jackson County Sheriff's department the damage was isolated to an area between Newport and Grubbs.