Drainage Projects Soon to Start Construction

JONESBORO, AR -- The long road to fixing the drainage problems in Jonesboro is finally about to take action.

"At least 3 projects that we want to start this summer in the prime construction season and we are in the process of acquiring the property for those right now," says Kelly Panneck, Jonesboro's City Engineer.

There currently are 10 hot spots that are top priority for the city to address. In random order, the first three projects are scheduled to start around mid-July. They include the Valley Drive and Owens Street detention ponds, the Centre Grove area, which will focus on the area surrounding Highland Drive Christian Church and the third that should start this summer will be the Flemon Road area.

As for the other 7 drainage projects, the process for those is in the works as well.

"We're completing the design process. Once the design process is finalized or close to completion, that defines the acquisition portion of it where you can go ahead and purchase the properties. Once the properties and easements are purchased that we need, we can then move into the final phase which is obviously the construction phase," says Panneck.

Panneck says he expects all 10 projects to be designed within the next 30 days. From there, it's just project after project before the flooding problem is flowing much smoother.

An empty lot on Valley Drive is where 2 homes once stood. The property was purchased and has already been cleared for the city. Just one of the many steps to the process before construction can begin.

"Ultimately, the goal is to allievate some of the problems that we have throughout the city. The faster we do them, the faster we allievate those problems," adds Panneck.

These detention ponds that the city is preparing to create will hold the water so that the existing drainage in place can better handle the water flow.