Flavored Meth Makes its Way to Arkansas

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - Police say there is a new form of methamphetamine on the street that's sold in a way that makes it more appealing to young people.  Police say the meth is being prepared with a flavoring to give it a strawberry taste, and dealers and users are calling it "strawberry quick."  Police say other flavors are on the street, too.

Fayetteville police sergeant Shannon Gabbard says competition in the meth marketplace is probably the reason for the drug's new look.

But Gabbard and Meghan Cuddy, a northwest Arkansas anti-drug leader, says flavored meth is just as dangerous, and illegal, as other forms of the stimulant.

Cuddy says a user can still get what's known as "meth mouth" from flavored meth as easily as using other forms.  People with meth mouth have badly rotted teeth.

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