Jonesboro Cleans Up Abandoned Houses

JONESBORO - The City of Jonesboro is cracking down on abandoned and neglected property.  Vacant houses make easy places for vandals and drug dealers to set up shop.  In fact, there are 163 properties inside the city of Jonesboro that have been condemned.  The city is most concerned with the safety of children, who have been know to wonder into the dilapidate houses which poses a severe health risk.

And it's not just children that are at risk, on April 24th, 49 year old William Leon Johnson was killed in an abandoned home that burned down while he was inside.  The city takes special concern after an condemned home burns down.  In fact, after a house burns it enters "emergency abatement,"  meaning it's torn down immediately.

And officials say that that most condemned homes qualify for special funding through "Community Development Block Grants."  These are available for low to middle income homeowners who live in designated areas and want to tear down structures after they have been condemned.  In Jonesboro, those interested should contact Gail Vickers at 933-4635.