Harrisburg Police Standoff Finally Ends

HARRISBURG, AR -- A Harrisburg man is in jail after holding police in a six hour standoff from inside his Harrisburg home.

Around 4:00 Thursday afternoon, a complaint was called into the Harrisburg Police Department against 36 year old Cary Barker. From there, it turned into much more. Once police arrived at the residence just south of the Food Giant off Highway 1, they quickly were calling in other agencies for assistance.

"When we got down here we were advised that a man had a loaded shot gun and had barricaded himself in an apartment," says Poinsett County Sheriff Larry Mills.

For hours, hundreds of bystanders and 3 police agencies waited outside the home, waiting for the unknown.

"This is certainly a situation that you don't want to rush and we want to take our time and hopefully be able to resolve this," says Sheriff Mills.

The Harrisburg Police Department, the Poinsett County Sheriff's Department and the Arkansas State Police all had multiple units surrounding the area, all hoping for a peaceful end to the long standoff.

"We have to be able to resolve this without anyone getting hurt and we don't want any of the family hurt either. If we allow the family to go inside the residence and then they get hurt, then we have to assume responsibility for that," says Sheriff Mills.

But the family disagreed. We caught up with both Barker's mother and father, who felt the situation was all being blown out of proportion and could easily be resolved if they were allowed in the home to speak with their son.

"He's over there in my house and they're calling this a hostage situation and he's laying in my recliner asleep. They won't let any of us go in there and any of us could go in there and bring him out," says Nancy Kemp, Barker's mother.

Kemp says she was inside her home when her son walked in the door with his gun, but once police arrived, she was not allowed to go back in her home. She explained why she thought the situation began.

"He's been having problems with an old girlfriend of his that has an ex-parte on him. He came in the house mad," says Kemp.

From there, he apparently went back outside and had an argument from across the street with his ex-girlfriend.

"He got his shotgun out of the truck and just brought it in the house. Well, she went and called the law. She was down here at the park and she went and told the law that my son pulled a gun on her and her boys," says Kemp.

Something Barker's mother claims didn't happen and has caused this police standoff that she says shouldn't have ever started to begin with.

"I'm afraid he's going to walk out that door and they're going to shoot him. There ain't nothing I can do about it," says Jimmy Don Barker, Barker's father.

Fortunately that didn't happen and the standoff was resolved peacefully a little after

10:00 P.M.

Barker was immediately taken into police custody and is being held in the Poinsett County Detention Center. He is expected to face charges Friday.