Former Mexican President Visits Region 8

SEARCY, Ark. (AP) - Former Mexican President Vicente Fox says the ongoing violence in northern Mexico is a sign that the government's campaign against drug trafficking in his nation is working.

But the former president cautioned that the United States shared a ``joint responsibility'' in the fight.

Fox was in Searcy last night for a lecture at Harding University.

In an interview yesterday with The Associated Press, Fox applauded his successor Felipe Calderon's use of thousands of army troops and federal police in drug-ravaged regions and extradition of cartel leaders to the United States. However, he said the United States must do its part to cut back on purchases of illegal drugs, whose profits flow back to Mexican drug gangs.

Fox says his visit to Arkansas had another purpose _ to visit the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock. Fox says he plans to build his own presidential library in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, which he described as a first for both Mexico and Latin America.

Fox stepped down as Mexico's president in December, after serving one six-year term. The Mexican constitution bars presidents from seeking re-election.

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