Due Diligence

Earlier this week we shared our opinion on the proposed animal shelter for the city of Jonesboro. We singled out Alderman Jim Hargis on his stance of the new facility and Mr. Hargis shared this reply for your consideration...

"No one wants an animal shelter more than I do, and no one has worked on it longer or harder. The assertion that I railroaded the animal shelter because the price was $986,000 and I said that I thought it could be done for $400,000 is completely wrong.  I voted no, because Gene Vance, the "project manager" refused to provide the Council Finance Committee with the bids that came in and other relevant facts and figures that would have been used to come to their price of $986,000.

Due diligence does not involve taking someone's' word for something.  It is examining the facts & figures before voting to move it forward.  We have a fiduciary responsibility to see that the taxpayers of Jonesboro get the most for their money.

You can read the entire comments from Mr. Hargis in the Consider This section of our website.

Although we may not agree with Mr. Hargis on all the issues, we do appreciate his passion for his job and his willingness to stand up for what he believes, to discuss the issues in a civilized fashion.

At least with Mr. Hargis, you always know where you stand. The world - and especially Jonesboro - would be a better place if more people followed his example.