Offbeat: Diaper Cakes

By Bob Snell - bio | email feedback

CRAIGHEAD CO. (KAIT)--Treva Slater makes diaper cakes, but you probably wouldn't won't to eat them.  While diaper cakes can be served at birthday parties, these cakes are literally made out of diapers.

A few months back, Slater was looking for something to give at a baby shower and after finding a number of gift basket ideas, she decided to take it one step further and created her first Diaper Cake.  She rolls up diapers and sticks them together to make a layer, then piles them on top of each other to give the appearance of a cake.  Each has a theme that comes from the stuffed animal used in baking the cake, then ribbons and tons of assorted baby goodies are added in, on, and around to make the cake complete.

Slater calls them, Macy Baby Cakes, after her granddaughter. They come in various sizes, from the single layer, cup cake, to as many as five layers high.  They vary in prices from $18 to $79 and it takes Slater anywhere from 30 minutes to a hour and a half to make the cakes, depending on the size.  There's even an "over the hill" cake made out of Depends diapers.

Slater says this is her hobby and stress relief from her full time job. She says when she's making one of her diaper cakes everything just slows down and the stress melts away.

If you'd like to see some of the cakes and purchase options, just go to one of these websites or call Treva Slater at 870-273-3679.

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