Suddenlink Launches Phone Service in Six NEA Communities

JONESBORO, AR - Suddenlink Communications announced today that it's now offering phone service in Jonesboro and Pocahontas as part of a 2007 rollout of phone service that will reach more than 80 percent of its U.S. customer base by year's end.

The Jonesboro and Pocahontas rollout also includes Bay, College City, Hoxie and Walnut Ridge.

Suddenlink CEO Jerry Kent explained that the company's service is not an Internet phone service.  "Our services uses IP technology to transport phone calls over our own, private, managed IP-based network, never traversing the public Internet.  As a result, we deliver the same high-quality user experience customers have come to expect from traditional phone service."

Suddenlink phone services will start at $39.95 per month when bundled with other services, and according to the company, customers can use the same phones they use today and keep their existing phone numbers and wiring.

Jonesboro is Suddenlink's largest market in Arkansas, and one of the company's top 15 markets.  The company is the second-largest cable operator in Arkansas.