Predators are Looking for Targets - Don't be a Victim

April 30, 2007 -- Posted at 1:45 p.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR - In the last two years, more than 787,000 women were the victim of sexual assault. Due to that alarming statistic, the desire for self-defense has grown tremendously.

Joey Perry teaches a free women's self-defense class on the last Thursday of every month. He covers the basics such as knowing where and how to strike an attacker and shows you defense techniques even small women can use.

"Anyone can learn to protect themselves. As long as they have the right training and they practice they can do the moves just like anyone twice their size. It's all about leverage and knowing where to strike."

"This is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and we really wanted to reach out to the community with a program to help. This class teaches you what to do in threatening situations whether you're approached by a stranger, attacked from behind, or thrown to the ground."

If you would like more information about Joey Perry's Martial Arts, call (870) 910-3903.