Lake City Man Responds To Charges

LAKE CITY, AR--The arrest of a Lake City man last Thursday on drug and weapon charges shocked some residents of the quiet town.

However, for Jerry Brown he says this arrest is another example of how his ex-wife has tried to ruin his reputation.

"I will have to move. My neighbors, I can face them, but they can't face me. I know I am innocent, but they will never know that," said Brown.

That's Brown's reaction after he was arrested Thursday on weapons and drug charges at his Lake City home.

"They told me I would be drug tested and I told them, I welcome that," said Brown.

According to Brown, he wasn't drug tested while in jail.

He says the drugs police found in his house were left by his children when they lived there. Since they moved out, he remodeled the house finding drugs everywhere including flower beds.

"Everywhere I looked I found drugs. The wall outlets were cut out and had to be replaced because they were hiding their drugs in their wall outlets," said Brown.

Police responded to Brown's house in connection to allegations of distribution of pornographic films that contained Brown's ex-wife. Police say those films were on Brown's computer and passed out at his ex-wife's workplace by a former girlfriend.

"I believe those were left to infuriate me and motivate me to do something that would get me in trouble," said Brown.

Brown says he wasn't aware that those films were passed out. For Brown, he says it is latest in the long line of incidents where his wife has taken action to get him in trouble.

"I believe there is some link somewhere between my wife and some officials. My children told me she dated a judge," said Brown.

According to Brown, this has done more than hurt his credibility, it has crippled his business. In the past he has done as much as $50,000 a month in service work, now he can't even get anyone to call him.

"This publicity has destroyed me. It will end my business, I am sure," said Brown.

According to the Newport Police Department, Brown's former girlfriend Tammy Walker was arrested Monday for the distribution of those obscene films. She is currently out on bond.

Brown is expected back in court May 3rd for a probable cause hearing in Craighead County.