Lawns and Gardens Coming Back

PARAGOULD, AR--Earlier this spring plants actually looked like a killing winter frost hit hard. This caused many Region 8 gardening enthusiasts to worry about many plants after the deep freeze over Easter weekend.  Japanese maples and crepe myrtles are highest on that list of concern.

"Both of these things are gonna be okay after this week of warm nights and being near the 80s every day," says Neal Adams of Adams Nurdery in Paragould. "The humidity is coming back up, most of these things are budding back out"

There are several things you can do to help your plants recover and look healthy, such as trimming the earlier growth which was killed. Adams showed us using a Japanese maple.

The dead tissue does need to be trimmed off. And after this week we will be able to tell how far the buds are going to come back.

Trimming the dead growth off will allow the new to really take off. Crepe myrtles are another favorite plant showing signs of new growth that needs help.

Crepe Myrtles need to be trimmed back fairly harsh. Down to where the leaves are green.

Adams estimates that by mid-may, if plants are trimmed properly, you won't be able to tell they were injured so badly in last month's freeze. Plants will grow back but the beauty of Region 8's normal spring is just going to be a little bit later this year.