Memphis Police Say Woman Falsely Claimed Son Taken

MEMPHIS, TN - Memphis police have arrested a woman who claimed her ten-year-old son was in her car when someone stole it.

Police found Lakisha Hodges' car not far from where it was stolen late yesterday morning.

She told police she had left her car running and her son sitting in it when she went to her apartment briefly.  She told investigators when she came out, the car and the boy were gone.

The story began falling apart when a neighbor told police she saw the boy after the car was stolen.  Police eventually found the child hiding in a closet at the apartment.  Police say the thief had made the boy get out of the car before it was taken.

Police say Hodges falsely claimed her son was kidnapped so they would quickly respond and find her stolen car.

They charged Hodges with the felony of filing a false police report.  If convicted, Hodges could have to repay the cost of the dragnet, estimated to be at least $2.500.

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