Help Track Down Suspected Meth Makers

People who make meth think the police are stupid. The meth cookers come into both the mom and pop drug stores and the giant retail pharmacies for products containing psuedoephedrine.

You are only allowed to buy 9 grams every 30 days. They're buying more. Capt. Scott Roper oversees JPD's warrants division. Right now, his department has warrants on dozens of people in Region 8 for overpurchasing psuedoephidrine. Here are three of the many police are after.

Kevin E. Norwood. He is 34 years old. He has one warrant for violating the sales limit of psuedoephedrine.

Melanie J. Deloache. She is 29 years old. In addition to her warrant for overpurchasing psuedoephedrine police want her for one non-payment f fines warrant.

To show this crime isn't limited to young people, here is 60 year old Vivian Bullock. She has two warrants for overpurchase of the drug used to make meth.

If you know where police can locate any one of these three suspected meth makers it will be worth Crimestoppers cash as well as the knowledge you helped put them away. Call Crimestoppers with your anonymous tip, 935-STOP. When you call, you will be given a tip number. That's your ID. When you see me give our suspects ''the stamp'' call or email sgt. Steve mcdaniel and tell him your tip number. He'll tell you how to get your cash. Call now, and get these susected meth makers off the street and the help they need. 935-STOP.