Firefighters Train for Future Fires

JONESBORO, AR -- In order to best fight fires the Jonesboro Fire Department has training sessions all throughout the year.  On Wednesday several crews ran drills at the old Seminole Twin Towers dormitory at ASU.

In the training the firefighters in three man crews responded to a fake fire on the fifth floor of a high rise building.  This is a necessary drill that helps them improve on their response times to real fires.

First Training Chief Kevin Miller briefs the firefighters on what their mission is and then the smoke of the fake fire fills the air.

"It's very rare when we have a multi-story building that we can practice in so this gives us a chance to practice our high rise fire fighting capabilities," said Miller.

"We get to do actual training in a facility that could catch on fire in the city of Jonesboro," said Firefighter Larry Tosh.

"It's very easy when the fire's at ground level.  You have your pump and your truck, but it's a little different when the fire's five floors in the air," said Miller.

Carrying everything they need up the flights of stairs the men hook up their hose and work seamlessly as a team.

"We have to take a lot of our equipment up into the upper floors with us and practice plugging into the stand pipes which are pre-plumbed pipes inside the building ," said Miller.

A fire could be a life and death situation for these guys so training as a team is very important.

"We can communicate with each other and know what to expect from each other and learn to depend on each other," said Tosh.

The three men on the team have to go into the smoke filled floor and find what room the fire is in and ''put it out''.  This scenario isn't that hard to fathom in the city, especially as we row.

"We do have some very large residential buildings that are getting close to this size.  The majority of our fires are smaller scale than this but the city is growing and we have to grow as a department with it," said Tosh.

This training will continue for the next three days.  This is one of four different training sessions. In the next couple of weeks they will put it all together for one massive drill.

The other types of training they've had are search and rescue, forced entry, and ladder training.