School Bus Stabbing Sends Student To Hospital

PEMISCOT COUNTY, MO--A Region 8 student is recovering from stab wounds he received on a school bus Wednesday morning.

A 14 year-old South Pemiscot student was stabbed on the school bus by another 14 year-old student.

It happened on Interstate 55, just north of the state line, near Steele on a South Pemiscot County school bus.

Police say the two got into an argument and one stabbed the other with a hunting knife between five and 19 times in the chest, stomach and back.

Around seven the bus driver looked out of her rear view mirror to see the attack. She quickly pulled into a nearby gas station to ask for help. Her fast action and the help from several bystanders probably prevented this situation from being worse.

"It just needed to be done and we did it. It was just instinct I guess," said gas station owner Joel Carter.

Carter is the owner of Car-Macs gas station. He was one of at least four volunteers who sprung into action when a South Pemiscot school bus raced into his gas station.

"I don't consider myself a hero. My customers were the real heroes," said Carter.

Once the bus pulled up, the bus driver quickly asks for help and a customer races inside. Carter then called Sheriff's department and went outside with another man. The 14 year-old student gets off the bus with a six inch hunting knife and threatened his mother and another customer. That's when Carter grabbed his gun gave it to a customer while he ran back inside to call paramedics.

"He took my weapon and proceeded to subdue the young man with the knife. He then quickly dropped the knife and laid down," said Carter.

There's still blood on the concrete from where the customer with the gun brought the student to his knees. Witnesses say the student had a cold look on his face and showed no remorse.

"He told me I just wanted to kill him. I just wanted him dead," said Cater.

Once the student was subdued, three volunteers administered first aid to the victim while they waited for help.

"I have seen the boy in here a number of times and I would have never thought. I know he has had emotional problems in the past and been in trouble in the last week, but I don't know, it's just very terrifying," said Carter.

Superintendent Mitchell Fisher says he's not sure of the motive at this time.

The suspect is currently being held by juvenile authorities in Pemiscot County Missouri.

According to police, he may be charged as an adult.

The victim was sent to the Blytheville Medical Center before being transported to the Med in Memphis.