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Reaction to School Bus Stabbing

PEMISCOT COUNTY, MO -- The 14 year old boy who was stabbed Wednesday morning on the school bus in Pemiscot County started his day with a normal ride on the school bus, a ride that not long after, led him to The Med in Memphis where he remains in critical condition for multiple stab wounds.

He made it through surgery and doctors say they are remaining optimistic, something that the patrons of South Pemiscot School are finding hard to do right now at a time when they are questioning the safety of schools.

We spoke with South Pemiscot's Superintendent Mitchell Fisher about the school bus stabbing. He says although the district is in distress right now, they are praising all who helped out, especially the brave bus driver.

"She was on top of it. Like I say, I can't say enough good things about her and the job she did. It was handled well," says Superintendent Fisher.

And as for the 14 year old boy who was stabbed, Fisher says he can't fathom any reason he would be involved.

"The young man that was attacked, I have met him and he's a nice young man and I can't imagine that there would've been anything percipitated by him," says Fisher.

As for now, he says the district is trying to move forward and can only hope that they aren't soon mourning the loss of a student.

"Anytime there's a weapon involved it's frightening to a district to think the things that could have happened and the seriousness and we don't know how serious this incident is," says Fisher.     

Police still are unsure of a motive, but the 14 year old suspect is in custody of the Pemiscot County Juvenile Authorities.


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