Region 8 Takes Part in the National Day of Prayer

JONESBORO, AR -- Thursday people across the country gathered together to celebrate the National Day of Prayer.  In Region 8 there were multiple ceremonies.   Two ceremonies K8 News was there for were in Jonesboro and Trumann.

Many who attended those ceremonies used the day to pray for our country.

"Our government is in need.  This situation about the war in Iraq is a mess," said Bill Barber.

"We're very concerned about the war in Iraq and we need to remember that freedom is not free," said Glenda Andrews.

Many others still are praying about the future of our children; especially keeping them safe.

"There was a child that got stabbed on a bus and its happening all over," said Andrews.

Many believe that much of society's problems stem from the removal of prayer from our schools.

"All you have to do is go back and look at the timeline and see what a down spiral there has been since prayer was taken out of our schools," said Barber.

The turnout for the National Day of Prayer has been low in some ceremonies but the participants said they are still proud of their numbers.

"There needed to be 22,000 here today.  But you know, God turned the world upside down with twelve so he can use twenty-two," said Barber.