Reducing Credit Card Rates

Jonesboro, AR --  K-8 news has found a little known way to save money on your credit card bill.  It's a quick way to lower your credit card payment....and it could save you hundreds of dollars each year.

We've got a secret that your credit card company doesn't want you to know tonight.  It's a way to lower your annual percentage rate on your credit card.  And it's as easy as reading a script.  But according to a recent study, the average american family has more than $9,000 in credit card debt.  But this script could help drop that debt.  We gave it to shoppers at Turtle Creek Mall.  They called the toll free number on the back of their credit card...dialed zero for a customer service representative...and read four short lines.

Here's the exact script they followed: "Hello, my name is _____.  I'm a good customer but I have received several offers in the mail from other companies with lower annual percentage rates. I really want a lower rate on my card. Can you help me?"

If they were turned down, they asked to speak to a supervisor. Results varied. But about half of those who tried wound up with lower rates...and, that makes it worth the try.