Lincoln Promises Troops Funding After Presidential Veto

LITTLE ROCK, AR - U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln says Congress won't let American soldiers in Iraq go without the supplies they need, despite President Bush drawing "a line in the sand" with his veto of a war-funding bill that included a timetable for withdrawal from the war.

The Democratic Senator from Arkansas told reporters on a conference call yesterday that six-and-a-half years of Bush's presidency showed his compromise style was "his way or the highway."

Tuesday night, Bush vetoed the $124.2 billion war bill that called for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq by October 1 with a goal of complete pullout six months later.  An attempt yesterday to override the president's veto in the House failed.

Since the veto, Democrats have discussed reworking the funding bill to include benchmarks for the Iraqi government to meet, such as enacting legislation to share oil resources, holding provincial elections and spending $10 billion of its own money on reconstruction.

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