Region 8 Man Shot, Allegedly By Ex-Wife

LAKE CITY, AR -- Norman Eidson is recovering at The Med in Memphis, TN after being shot in the chest on Friday afternoon.  Eidson was at his ex-wife's house at 308 Maumelle Street when the shooting occurred.

Police aren't releasing much information at this time.

"I can't give you any information about the suspect.  We're not releasing the name at this time," said Lake City Police Chief Justin Rollend.

But according to the family, the victim's ex-wife Myra Eidson is the shooter.

"The news that I have received is that Myra who is my daughter shot her ex-husband at her house," said Joyce Reece.

Reece said her daughter and her ex-husband have gone through a rough divorce and that Myra has suffered from mental problems for several years.

"There's been a host of problems that's been going on even before the divorce.  I've been concerned about her mental health," said Reece.

Her mom told K8 News that Myra Eidson has been on a number of different medications including Zoloft and Prozac.  However, she doesn't believe her daughter was taking them at the time of the shooting.   Reece also said she has been trying to get her daughter help for the past three years.

"I have talked to the Chief of Police, I've talked to the State Police, the county gentleman and I've talked to Little Rock.  I've been trying to get her help and I've been told it has to be voluntary or she has to commit a crime," said Reece.

The alleged shooter is being held at the Lake City Police Department and as of Friday night no charges have been filed in this case.

"Obviously we're looking into that.  There are several investigators here including the Lake City Police Department conducting the investigation," said Rollend.