Iraq War Veteran Gets Help Renovating Home

Reyno, AR -- Vietnam Veteran Robert Reed, with help from friends, community members, and fellow soldiers spent the weekend lending a helping hand.

"We got word that there was an Iraqi vet that needed some help on a house and this is what we do," said Reed.

"It makes me feel light--you know, everyone has just sort of lifted me up. My wife and I are just sort of floating along and everyone has just been so great," said Corporal Christopher Shelhamer.

Since Christopher's return to Arkansas from Iraq in April, he's been spending a lot of time working on his, with help from others, he'll soon be able to call it home.

"The ball started rolling and now people are just kicking it down the it's nice," said Shelhamer.

In addition to renovations on the house, they work diligently on a new workspace Christopher plans to use for customizing motorcycles.

They are nearly tripling the size of his shed--just so that Christopher will have plenty of room to work.....but  there's more going on than just construction.

These veterans are sharing experiences and comparing stories.

"War has not changed that much and it's good to find people that have experienced some of the same things.  There's a comradery that never fails and never ends no matter how old you are," said Shelhamer.

It's that comradery that keeps the men and women working  for hours on end in effort to make his transition back to civilian life a little easier.

"You can't necessarily put it into words, I like to put it into actions. "Thank you" just doesn't really cut it. I really would like to thank them any way that I can," said Shelhamer.

"You've got to do something to get something. Everyone is here because they want to be here,  they don't have to be here.  This is a decent day that they would be doing other things. They showed up yesterday, they showed up today, and we'll have probably a few more work sessions and I am sure we'll have more people showing up," said Reed.