Offbeat: Ice Cream King

PARAGOULD, AR--Larry Cupp is Region 8's ice cream king.  Cupp's been making homemade ice cream for more than 40 years, and always keeps a freezer full of his creamy concoctions so anyone that stops by might get a treat.

Cupp and his wife bought their first ice cream maker when they first got married back in 1965.  He says he's still using components of that first White Mountain bucket and has made ice cream making his hobby.

Cupp says he's spent years fine tuning his recipe and has it down to a science, sort of.   He says it's a "man" mixture, he doesn't measure much, it's just a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but it has to be simple.  There is Larry's secret ingredient that he won't share, he claims he's kind of like the Colonel and his secret recipe.

Larry always uses natural ingredients and wants everything in his ice cream to be fresh.  He bought a juicer a few years back and uses it to add only the freshest ingredients.  Cupp says he's always experimenting, looking for new flavors and recently came up with Apple Pie Ala Mode.  He makes apple ice cream, then adds fired cinnamon apples and baked crust.  Believe it our not, the crust doesn't even get soggy.

For his efforts, Cupp recently won 3 of the 4 blue ribbons for ice cream at the Mid South Fair in Memphis. Besides Apple Pie Ala Mode, Larry claims he's got about 18 flavors and anyone that stops by can get a sample of whatever he's got in the freezer.  He usuall make 4 or 5 gallons a week.

Larry's never sold any of his ice cream, but has decided to give it a try at this year's Loose Caboose Festival in Paragould.  Larry says he'll set up a booth and see if people are willing to pay for his dairy delights.  But he says this isn't about money, it's about seeing people enjoy his creamy creations.