Lake City Woman in Court for Allegedly Shooting Ex-Husband

LAKE CITY, AR -- The woman accused of shooting her ex-husband in Lake City appeared in court on Monday for her probable cause hearing.

46-year-old Myra Eidson is charged with first degree battery for allegedly shooting her ex-husband Norman Eidson once in the chest.  Eidson is being held on $150,000 bond.

Her family claims Myra Eidson is mentally unstable.  However, investigators in the shooting say Eidson has behaved alert and coherent and they haven't felt the need for a mental evaluation at this time.

"I have been told it has to be voluntary or she has to commit a crime.  This has been going on for about three and a half years that I have been trying to seek help," said Eidson.

However, prosecuting attorney Brent Davis told K8 News that's not exactly how the system works.

"I don't know if that's necessarily accurate.  A lot of the things that are in the specific criteria you need to have a person committed like the person being suicidal, homicidal, or gravely disabled may also constitute a crime," said Davis.

According to Ron Richardson with the Craighead County Sheriff's Department, Eidson isn't on suicide watch and they dont think she is a danger to herself.

However, the process to get a person commited is lengthy and difficult.  That's all to protect the rights of the individual.

"It's designed to protect someone from being locked into a mental institution against their will," said Davis.

"In an effort to get them the help that they need the court can issue an involuntary commitment," said mental health expert Bill Smith.

Though getting this order is not a permanent fix.

"The kicker is if you get committed you're only committed for 45 days and that can be extended to 180 days in extreme circumstances," said Davis.

According to Myra Eidson's booking sheet she is not on suicide watch and she is not listed as having a mental illness.

Eidson's father passed away on Sunday and she will be allowed to go to the funeral with an escort from the sheriff's department.