Concord Elementary Receives $25K Grant Of Computers

CONCORD, AR - The children in one Region 8 school will now be getting a better education thanks to a gift from "Live with Regis and Kelly'' and one special mom.

Concord Public School Elementary Principal Sandy Brackett was nominated for Regis and Kelly's ''dream come true'' Mother's Day competition.

Math teacher Becky Cornett had been searching for a way to get computers for a new computer lab the school is building.

"The computer lab was in the design so we knew we were going to have the room, we just weren't sure how we were going to fill it," said Brackett.

That's when Cornett took action.  She saw the upcoming contest sponsored by "Live with Regis and Kelly" and decided to write a letter of nomination about her principal.

"To want to write a letter like that.  I just couldn't believe she did that.  I'm just so thankful and grateful that we got chosen," said Brackett.

The show received thousands of letters, finally choosing Concord to receive twenty top of the line Hewlett Packard computers.

"That's just a huge worry.  You know when you're building a new building you have lots of things you worry about so here's $25,000 we don't have to worry about," said Brackett.

The school hopes to be able to move into their new classrooms and computer lab by january of next year.