Beebe: Huckabee "Wrong" to Say He Doesn't Believe in Evolution

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Governor Beebe says his predecessor was wrong in choosing to believe in God but not the theory of evolution.  Beebe said yesterday that no choice between the two is required.

That was the governor's response when he was asked about former governor Mike Huckabee's remarks following a debate last week among candidates for the Republican presidential nomination.  In the debate, Huckabee was one of three candidates who raised their hands when asked if they didn't believe in evolution.  He said after the debate that, while he doesn't believe in evolution, he is not opposed to teaching it as a theory in school.

Beebe told reporters at the state Capitol yesterday that he believes in God and that he created the universe, but there's all kinds of scientific evidence that we've had evolution since then.

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