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The Mitchell Johnson Civil Suit Deposition, Part 2

Mitchell Johnson, one of the convicted killers from the 1998 shootings at Westside Middle School speaks through a deposition received as part of a civil lawsuit filed by the families of the five victims.

K8 News obtained the transcript and video, and puts together the bits and pieces about what the convicted killer has been doing since his release from prison.  The video deposition run a little more than two hours, and covers a lot of ground - from details of the shooting itself to where he's lived since his release from prison.  And believe it or not, he's even returned to Jonesboro ...

<Johnson>"I came home. Come home to see my mom. <Attorney McDaniel>And was your mom living in Jonesboro at the time? <Johnson> Yes, sir. <McDaniel>And when you came to Jonesboro did you stay with your mother? <Johnson>For a while. <McDaniel>How long did you stay with her? <Johnson>A couple of weeks. <McDaniel>And did you get a job? <Johnson>I didn't leave the house, for natural reasons.">

Jonesboro wa just one of many stops on a long lis of addresses where Johnson stayed after his release from prison.  According to his testimony, he first lived in Memphis for a few days then moved to South Carolina for about eight months,  then visited his father Scott in Wisconsin for two or three months. After that, he came to Jonesboro and then moved on to Fayetteville, where he was arrested for carrying a prohibited weapon and possession of a controlled substance.

In over two hours of testimony, even Johnson himself admits he doesn't think he deserves to be free.

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