Hoxie's Boxcar Debacle

HOXIE, AR -- Residents in Hoxie say boxcars are cluttering up their town. Thursday night at the city council meeting, one resident expressed his frustrations over the structures and the city not enforcing its own rules.

Darrell Price is unhappy with a boxcar sitting right next to his yard.

"We have a real nice scenic view of a 53 foot white trailer wall that we look at," says Price.

The boxcar or trailer or whatever you want to call it is sitting just inches away from Price's property line and his house. But this boxcar isn't the only one in town. Just driving through, we saw several placed in residential neighborhoods.

"It's very unsightly and after speaking with several real estate appraisers, it is going to drop the marketing value of the property in this area," says Price.

Price says there are city ordinances stating that the structures have to be at least 7 feet from the property line and then there's the old basic city cleanup ordinance that most cities have in place including these kinds of structures. Also, according to the city attorney, each structure must have a building permit and as of now, these boxcars are sitting on their own.

"I've been fighting this issue for over a year and we have ordinances against these issues and we cannot get them enforced. I do think they are well built structures and I think they do have a place, but I don't think their place is inside the city limits in a residential area.>

K8 News was there Thursday night at Hoxie City Council Meeting where this issue was discussed. The city attorney admitted that the enforcement of these ordinances has been delayed for numerous reasons; one being they just recently had to hire a new code enforcement officer. He says the issue is going to the Lawrence County District Court in a few months to hopefully be resolved.