Greene County Tech Board Reaffirms Decision to Close Delaplaine Campus

PARAGOULD, AR - A decision to close the Delaplaine school campus has been reaffirmed by the Greene County Tech School Board, despite a two-hour presentation urging board members to keep the campus open.

Clay Fendley, lawyer for the Delaplaine Community Association, argued at a meeting Wednesday in Paragould that an analysis of the finances of either closing the campus or keeping it open wasn't comprehensive enough.  He said an analysis presented to the board at an earlier meeting was irrelevant.

That analysis indicated that the Delaplaine campus costs more to operate than it generates in revenue.  But Fendley said the question is whether the district will lose more money by closing the school.

After listening to Fendley's presentation and questioning him about some of the particulars, the board adopted unanimously a resolution endorsing its decision last November to close the Delaplaine campus.

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