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Pet Foods Recall Creates DIY Feeding Alternatives

May 11, 2007 - Posted at 8:53 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- The continued recall of pet foods is concerning and for some people frightening.  New evidence indicates cross contamination of ingredients that were previously considered safe.  But for pet owners worried about what to feed their animals, there may be alternatives.

"I haven't had to get rid of any, i read labels and i've read the labels of the ones i've been feeding for a long time and it didn't contain anything that concerned me," said concerned pet owner Lisa Smith.

With around 400 manufacturers on the pet food recall's hard to keep straight what is safe to feed your furry friends.

"Now they are even worried that some of the material that's not even brought in has been cross contaminated because it was manufactured in the same plant. So it's going to be months before we can actually begin to feel safe again," said Northeast Arkansans for Animals director Wannda Turner.

The first five ingredients on the back of a bag of pet food usually make up about 90% of what you are feeding your pet.

"Find out if it's on the recall list, exactly what you are feeding is on the recall list, and even if it's not, turn your bag around and read the ingredient list, find out what's in the dog food," said Turner.

But if your leery of pouring store can always opt for the alternative.

"There are all kinds of holistic treats, you can come by Petco and we'll give you recipes.  There are recipes books that your vet has, you can get recipes off the internet to cook treats for your own dog," said Turner.

But be careful what you cook up.

"But if you are going to feed your pet something other than pet food, because each dogs health issues, you might be doing more damage to your dog because what you may be feeding, if you choose to feed human food, might not have enough protein, enough calcium and can do long term damage to your pet," said Turner.

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