JPD Nabs Fourth Person in Internet Pornography Sting

May 12, 2007 - Posted at 5:17 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-Jonesboro Police have now made their fourth arrest in an ongoing internet pornography sting.

28-year-old Alex Claxton of Batesville was taken into custody Saturday morning.

Police believe Claxton, a volunteer firefighter in the Batesville area, knew exactly what he was doing.

"This subject solicited him to meet for sex, here in Jonesboro. This morning at approximately 11:30 the subject did show up for the meet and to pick this girl up," said Lt. Nathan Oliver of Jonesboro Police.

I asked Claxton, "Do you think it's okay for you to be meeting kids off the internet?"

He responded, "No......I mean, I didn't know."

However, a condom in his pocket could be just one thing that proves otherwise.

"He was planning to meet for sex. That is what he had approached the undercover officer about. That was the reason for the meet," said Oliver.

Now claxton will be facing Class-B felony charges of Internet Stalking of a Child and Internet Child Pornography.

Meanwhile, investigators working on these internet pornography cases say the most surprising thing is just how quickly these men are setting up a meeting.

"It seems like they don't waste any time in making conversation and then, if that's their intent, it usually doesn't take them very long to get to the subject of sex," said Oliver.

For that reason Jonesboro Police say their job is far from finished.

"As long as this is a problem, we are going to continue conducting investigations," said Oliver.

Both the Jonesboro Internet Crimes Against Children unit and the PROWL unit were involved in Saturday's bust.

Claxton is set to appear in court Monday morning for a probable cause hearing.

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