The Tour de Faith

JONESBORO, AR -- Well it's not as long as the Tour de France, but it's still quite a ride. About 12 ASU students left from campus Sunday on bicycle to make a ride to St. Louis. It's all part of a journey they call the Tour de Faith.

They're biking all the way from Jonesboro to St. Louis, which all in all makes for about 280 miles.

"After watching the Tour de France, we thought it would be kind of a cool idea just to do it here at home," says Ashlee Wiseman, one of the riders.

And so they did. This year marks the third year for the Tour de Faith; a mission bicycle ride put on by the ASU Methodist Wesley Foundation.

Ashlee Wiseman just graduated from ASU and this makes her second year to make the ride.

"The scariest part is knowing that there's a semi behind you about to pass," says Wiseman.

ASU students and faculty and others from the Jonesboro community join together to yes, see just how fit they are, but they say it's really about much more.

"Get out and do something different and reach people through our ministry and push ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually through the endurance part of it," says David Sutton, Assistant Director of the ASU Wesley Foundation.

Ashlee says the long ride gives her a chance for peace.

"We don't have cell phones, I don't listen to music on the ride. I talk to the other bikers and I have a chance to just be away from everything," says Wiseman.

But there's also that good feeling that comes with the mission part of the trip. Stopping every 70 miles along the ride, the group will work at different churches on various mission projects.

"We do house painting, we do yard cleaning. Last year, we waxed the floors in one of the sanctuaries," says Wiseman.

So, one project at a time throughout the week, these bikers will pedal to make a difference and of course, to make it to their final destination.

"A lot of us say as long as we get to that next set of trees or that next building. It's a really big jump of faith for us," says Wiseman.

Another mission biking group from Purdue University will be leaving early Monday morning for their ride as well. The two groups plan to meet up Friday at the end of their journey underneath The Arch in St. Louis.