SeMo Fisherman's Cheating Charge Makes Him an Outcast

ST. LOUIS, MO - An avid angler accused of cheating in a bass fishing tournament is finding that fellow fisherman aren't forgiving this transgression.

Gary Lee Jones of Poplar Bluff faces a felony count of theft by deception.  Just as painfully, perhaps, he faces the ire of his fisherman friends.

As K8 News reported last month, Jones was caught in an elaborate police sting with tying two live bass to a duck blind the day before a tournament on April 29.  He fetched the winning fish the next day.

Just as he was a cash prize and trophy, he was placed under arrest.  Dealers around Lake Wappepelo in southeast Missouri and his former fishing buddies say he let them down.

Jones, who didn't wish to comment, goes on trial in July.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)