Mexican Boy Gets Heart Transplant at Arkansas Children's Hospital

LITTLE ROCK, AR - An 8-year-old boy from Mexico who needed a new heart had a transplant yesterday at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Adrian Saucedo of Piedras Negras, Mexico, received the heart in surgery that began just after 3 a.m.  The boy got out of surgery seven hours later.  Dr. Elizabeth Frazier says the new heart started on its own after warming up in the boy's chest.  These next 48 hours are critical for Adrian's survival.  But the doctor says the heart starting on its own was a good sign.

Both the boy's parents are able to be with him.

Doctors hope within 24 hours, they can remove Adrian from the respirator and he will be able to talk.  They say he might be up and moving around within four to five days.

Adrian arrived at the hospital in April after residents of San Antonio, Texas, raised a half-million dollars for his care.  The boy suffered from cardio myopathy, and needed the new heart to survive.

Frazier says confidentiality rules prohibit her from saying where the heart came from, but she said it needed to be flown in by jet to Little Rock.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)