Finding Solutions for Rising Fuel Costs

Well... here we go again. We're headed into summer and gas prices are on the rise... nearing $3 per gallon. At the end of January of this year we were under $2 per gallon.

Last year, about this same time, we aired a commentary regarding the rising cost of gasoline sharing that in our opinion the big oil producers are very aware of the increased demand during the summer months, are hoarding fuel and price gouging the consumer.

Everyone was up in arms about the rise in costs, but this year we have not heard the same outrage. After seeing the price of gasoline rise and fall so often with no logical rationale for the change, it seems we have come to accept that there is no method to the madness... and our frustration, concern and anger serves no purpose.

Consider This...

We need to do everything we can to rid ourselves of our dependence on fossil fuels.... and the foreign suppliers who like to hold us hostage. There has been much discussion about alternative fuels... and Green is in right now. We just need to make sure this effort to develop alternative energy options is a long-term solution and not a fad.

We can continue to whine and complain about something that is totally out of our control, or we can encourage funding for the scientists and engineers to push to develop these green energy options. In this case, being proactive rather than reactive is certainly the better course.