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Peach Orchard, MO -- Brandi Hodges Reports

Farmers Benefit From Soy Products

PEACH ORCHARD, MO -- Soybean farmers have had several profitable years recently thanks in part to the ever growing number of soy products on the market.

these 97 acres of soybeans will grow up to serve many uses.

Researchers are constantly coming up with new and sometimes strange uses for soybeans.

"There's a product called soy butter.  It's tremendous and it is made from soy beans," said Jason Bean.

The influx of these products has really helped soybean farmers.

"It is increasing our demand, plain and simple," said Bean.

Bean has been able to plant more of his crop per acre and he's getting more for it too.

When the soybeans come out of the fields each crop has many different uses.  You can go to just about any grocery store and add soy products to your buggy.

Some soy products like soy milk have been on the market for years and newer products like soy ice cream and peanut butter are joining it all the time.

In addition to food there are also soy based fuels being developed.  All of this makes farmers like Bean proud of their product.

"They are a natural product, they're not made in a lab somewhere," said Bean.  "The oil is a natural product so, how could it not be good for you?"

There are hundreds of soybean farmers across Region 8, and all are providing a product that will only continue to grow.

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