Drivers Not Cutting Back Much as Gas Prices Soar

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The rising price of gasoline has certainly increased the amount of complaining from drivers paying $3 per gallon or more to fill up their cars.  But it so far has done little to curtail how much people are driving.

That's the message from government statistics showing that demand for gasoline is only just starting to level off even as refinery outages and tight supplies have sent pump prices soaring by 43 percent since the end of January.

Experts say with gas already closing in on $4 per gallon in Chicago and San Francisco ahead of the peak summer driving season, higher prices could be in the cards.

Two consumer groups say the average U.S. household is already spending $1,000 more per year on gasoline than it did five years ago.

Officials in Arkansas say they expect summer vacationers to stay closer to home, which is expected to improve in-state tourism for the season.

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