Pediatrics Q & A (2001)

Question 11/17/2001:  My 20 month old son was born with the bones in his skull prematurely grown together.  I am trying to find out what the chances are of this happening again to my family.  We would like to have more children, but we want to be more prepared if we need to worry about this happening again.

Answer:   You should talk with your pediatrician about this. 
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Question 10/24/2001:  My 10 month old won't sleep through the night.  He wants me to hold him while he sleeps.  What can I do?

Answer:    With your 10 month old, who will not sleep through the night, consider:

1.  Is he in pain as with an ear infection or other illness?  Probably not if he's doing okay in the daytime.

2.  He may have some anxiety about being separated from you.  If this is the case, you can gradually start to decrease the amount of time you hold him before leaving the room.  He may cry for a while at first, but eventually this will stop and he should go to sleep without you.  When he does cry it is acceptable to check on him every 5 to 15 minutes but try to resist picking him back up.  Good luck, this is not easy.

3.  Check with your doctor if not seeing results, this is a common problem with a lot of different solutions!


Question 10/6/2001:  I have twins and they are 2 years old, they were premature (7 months), and one of them had surgery in his large intestine, he lost part of it. Because of this, we are trying to do something to make him gain weight so he can grow to the same pace as his brother. We can see that many of the times he eats better than his brother, but he is smaller and thinner than his brother. Can you tell me if he has to have a special diet, or there is something else we can do?

Answer:    In answer to your question about whether your second twin, who is smaller than the other, should have a special diet, the answer is no.  I talked to your husband and it is my understanding that the second twin was half the size at birth and since he only had his large intestine removed, he will get all of the nutrients he needs which will be absorbed through the stomach and small intestines.  The fact that he started smaller he will grow at his own natural rate and as long as he plots out on the growth chart at a natural pace, he should do fine although he may never get to the exact size of the other twin.

Question 9/5/2001:  Please tell me if there are any known causes for Williams Syndrome. My little girl has been diagnosed with this even though there is no history of it in my or my husband’s families.
Answer:   Williams Syndrome is a rare condition whose cause remains undetermined.  It is characterized by mild mental retardation, unusual facial appearance, and frequent heart abnormalities.  Because there is no known cause, there is no known prevention. 


Question 8/23/2001:  I have a 2 year old that doesn't seem to be interested in potty training and I was told by several people that she is slow and not up to her age level. My question in general, is she slow, how can I tell and how can I make her interested in training
Answer:  First you need to have her development level evaluated by a pediatrician.  Then, they can give you a plan on toilet training to follow.

Question 8/10/2001:  My 10 month old son, who has 4 teeth, gives kisses by biting.  He really chomps down and it hurts badly.  I hate to reprimand him for giving kisses, because he's showing an act of love.  How do I show him or teach him that this hurts and to be softer when giving sugars?
Biting behavior is probably one of the most frustrating behaviors to try and correct.  Fortunately, it does not appear as if your son is doing this to be mean, but rather just doesn't understand how to properly give you sugar.  Most important, and despite what some of your friends have probably told you, DO NOT BITE HIM BACK.  That will only teach him that biting is an acceptable way to communicate.  Do let him know that biting hurts.  When he bites say "Own!" or "Ouch!" in an overly animated way.  Then show him how to give a kindler, gentler sugar by really puckering you lips in a silly way, like an exaggerated "Granny Kiss."

Question 5/23/2001:  My 5 week old granddaughter has difficulty passing a bowel movement.  She draws up her legs, cries, etc.  Her bowel movements are soft, even runny, after giving pear juice suggested by her doctor.  She seems unable to have a bowel movement but every other day.  Help?
For infants to have bowel movements in a regular fashion, it is critical to be sure they have plenty of water or other forms of liquid in their diet.  Make more effort to give her more volume each day.

Question 4/26/2001:  My son is 9 yrs old and is having health problems. Where could I find an answer to his symptoms.
At age 9, he needs to see a pediatrician or family medicine doctor for evaluation.  If he has specialized needs, they may refer him on to Arkansas Children's Hospital for more evaluation.