Allergy Season Worst in Years

May 16, 2007 - Posted at 6:19 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-Spring...the sun is shining bright, and a crisp breeze blows through the trees, but...

"Sneezing, coughing, I couldn't breathe.."

With the pretty weather comes allergy season.

"I've been practicing allergy in this area for 13 years, and I've had the busiest Spring I've ever had. April was 20-25% ahead of last April."

Doctor Mark Snodgrass of The Allergy Clinic says it's partially due to an early spring.

"We've obviously had warmer temperatures earlier, and we've also had this micro-burst where you get a greater release of pollen than you normally would get," he said.

So allergy sufferers like Charlotte Wagner have been filling clinics and pharmacies in search of relief.

"I had told my family, I was going to have to quit my job if it didn't get better. I was feeling so badly," she said.

For many over the counters will do the trick.

"It depends on the symptoms. People who suffer from season allergies, will usually do great with over the counter medicines. They can take something for a short amount of time," said pharmacist Krystal Soo.

However she says, the more powerful drugs usually have side effects.

"One of the factors that comes into play though is that several of the antihystamines cause drowsiness. If it's someone who is trying to work or has small children to take care of, we try to recommend a non-drowsy type formula versus one that causes drowsiness," said Soo.

So whether a trip to the pharmacy will do the job, or more advanced allergy testing, doctors do have some advice for everyone.

"I tell patients to use some common sense. You don't drive with the car windows down. You don't leave your windows open at night and turn your attic fan on. If you are going to mow the yard wear a mask, and take a shower as soon as you get through," said Dr. Snodgrass.

Other are tips are not raking, and not hanging your clothes and sheets out to dry.  They are a great collection point for mold and pollen.

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