Tour de Faith Still Cycling

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO -- It's a story we first showed you on Sunday. Several A.S.U. students and faculty members left out on a mission bicycle ride they're calling the 'Tour de Faith.'

They've been stopping along their trip at churches, doing mission work. So far, their cycle ride has taken them all the way north to Cape Girardeau, Missouri. They're about half way to their final destination of St. Louis, but they say it's not about the miles, but more about the meaning behind each pedal.

"I've fallen 2 times in just today, so it's been pretty painful," says Heather Underwood, an ASU student cycling.

With cuts, scrapes and sunburns, it's been a rough ride so far for Underwood.

"Besides that, it's been absolutely wonderful. I'll be going down the road, my legs will start hurting and I'll say gotta keep going. I'll start quoting scriptures and it'll get me through," says Underwood.

Pain aside, it's been a great experience for Underwood and her fellow bikers on the tour , growing their own faith and sharing it with others.

"We ride from church to church and we do mission work at different churches. We normally ride everyday, but actually this time we're staying here a couple of nights," says William Rowland, another cyclist.

"We actually went out around the church and there was yard work for a lot of older people around there and we got to do some of that," says Heather Underwood.

With nine bikers putting the rubber to the road, there's also a support staff, with about 20 people total all from the Wesley Foundation at ASU. The trip started in Jonesboro and will end at the finish line in St. Louis, but if you ask the bikers, it's all about the trip in between.

"It's a lot of time to reflect and a lot of time to look back at choices you've made and be with god, really. It's a great time to see scenery and we all come together as a team," says William Rowland.

Another mission group from Purdue University cycling for the same cause will be meeting the A.S.U. bikers Friday under The Arch in St. Louis.