Growing Regionally

This week we have focused our news coverage on Greene County. Greene County - and Paragould specifically - has seen dramatic growth over the past few years.

Consider This...

If you look in any direction growth is apparent... new highways, new restaurants, banks, medical facilities, retail outlets and new family entertainment options. The leaders in Greene County are doing something right.

We are optimistic the growth in Greene County and Craighead County will continue over the next few years. Each area has a strong chamber of commerce and many other resources to help fuel the economic development engine.

However, as strong as the two communities are individually, imagine what they could accomplish collectively. You've seen and heard about the boom times in Northwest Arkansas... that same potential exists in Northeast Arkansas if the communities work together.

We challenge the leaders in NE Arkansas to work together to market the area as a region... especially Greene & Craighead County. The current accomplishments in each community are impressive... imagine what they could become through stronger regional partnerships.