Westside Shooter To Be Released From Prison

Jonesboro- The second of two boys who admitted to killing five people on an area schoolyard, is set to be released from prison one week from today.  Andrew Golden was eleven at the time of the killings.  He and Mitchell Johnson, then 13 years old, killed four students and one teacher at Westside Middle School, the school the two boys were attending at the time.  Because of their ages, the two were not able to stand trial.  Instead, they were found delinquent by the court, and were ordered to be held until their 21st birthdays.  Johnson was released from federal custody about 2 years ago.  Golden will turn 21 on May 25th, and is expected to be released at that time.

Prosecuting Attorney, Brent Davis says the legal system has changed, and juveniles are now able to stand trial as adults, but Davis admits there is a lot of room for improvement.  Sanctions may be placed on young violators that would leave them with a criminal history after the age of 21.  Some of the changes would also allow for longer jail terms.  But he says it is a very long and difficult process, that needs to be made easier.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Jack McCann says he understands that Golden is currently being held in a Federal prison in either Minnesota or Montana.  He does not expect to see Golden move to back to Jonesboro, in fact, he says he strongly advises against it.