Hit and Run Plows Into Front of Downtown Store

MAY 20, 2007--POSTED AT 12:45 PM CDT -- UPDATED AT 4:00 PM CDT

JONESBORO-An accident happened just before 7:00 Sunday morning, when a vehicle clipped the front and back of an SUV that was parked in front of Sheffield's Restaurant on Main Street.

The vehicle then plowed into the front of the Replay Toys store on the corner of Main and Huntington.  According to an eye witness, the vehicle then backed up and left the scene, heading north on Main street.

Police later found the damaged vehicle, a Chevy Tahoe, at a trailer on the north side of town.  The Jonesboro Police Department said at the scene that a pony keg of beer and beer cans were  found inside the abandoned vehicle.

The owner of the toy store, Tom Barnes, told K8 News the store was scheduled to open for its first day of business Monday morning.   That opening has been delayed.