Arkansas' Jermain Taylor Defends Title

MEMPHIS, TN--It was called the Battle of the Border. Saturday night Arkansas' Jermain Taylor squared off against St. Louis' Cory Spinks in Memphis...

It wasn't the fight everyone hoped for, but Jermain Taylor defended his middleweight championship in a split decision over Corey Spinks by just two points.

"If he wanted to run, I let him run. I did exactly what I wanted to do with that fight. I am not hurt, Cory's not hurt. It was a great fight," said Taylor.

It was a fight that was light on big punches, but heavy on dodging. Taylor felt the fight wasn't his style, but he did what he had to win.

"I didn't get mine by running from my championship. I fought for it. I got in there and grinded it out. Head beat, eye closed and all. I'm a fighter baby," said Taylor.

Memphis served as a perfect spot for this title bout because it offered both fighters a little bit of a home court advantage; however ultimately fight promoter Don King felt that the Arkansas contingent helped to make the difference.

"I think the stronger home field advantage would be from Arkansas. I just feel that was the tipping of the scale. It was an extremely close fight and I think what you said happened tonight, the Arkansas crowd came today," said King.

Even Taylor recognized how much the Natural State got behind him.

"I heard the hog calls out there, ya'll know where ever they put me, I am going to go out there fight you know I am a dog," said Taylor.

After defending his title again, the big question is what is next for the Arkansas native?

"I'm going to fight the best, the best that is out there, I'm going to fight them," said Taylor.

The undercard on the evening might have answered that question as Kelly Pavlik defeated Edison Miranda to become the number one contender.

"He's the champion and I want to fight the champion," said Pavlik.

As of now, nothing is in the works.