Offbeat: M&M Man

May 21, 2007--Posted at 8:30 a.m CDT

CRAIGHEAD CO., AR--Dave Redmon is an M&M man and he's got a room full of the candy and its collectibles to prove it.

Redmon, a roofing contractor by trade, started his collection back in 1990, but didn't get serious about it until 2002 when he discovered EBay and its connection to the M&M world.  Now, Redmon has a room in his house dedicated to the hard candy coated chocolatey treat.

Redmon says he's always liked the candy and usually has a bag within reach, but he's in love with the M&M characters and can't wait to get something new for his collection.  He's got everything from phones, to clothes, to a permanent Christmas tree filled with M&M ornaments.

Dave says as long as he's able and his bank account holds out, he'll keep buying M&M's and the characters that have made it the most recognized candy treat in America.