Residents React To Alpine Apartment Shooting

JONESBORO, AR-- Jonesboro Police now have a suspect in connection to the shooting of a 14 year-old Jonesboro boy over the weekend. They are not releasing his name at this time but he is expected in court Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. for a probable cause hearing.

Those who knew Cameron Smith said he had recently quit school and spent most days hanging out around the Alpine Apartments or playing basketball at Parker Park. Everyone we spoke with had positive things to say about the 14-year old that was shot and killed over the weekend.

"He was always happy and sometimes a clown," said Smith's former teacher Tacey Cravens

Cravens finds it tough to believe that a student who was a joy to be around is now gone.

"He had his ups and downs like any student, but I can't remember him not getting along with anybody," said Cravens.

While it is tough for Cravens, Smith's death is a rude wake up call for residents who live around the Alpine Apartments.

"It was really alarming and just scary," said resident Jackie Beal.

Beal lives next to the Alpine Apartments and Saturday night is still fresh in her head.

"I had just laid down and was just about to go to sleep and heard four or five gunshots and they sounded like they were just outside of my bedroom window," said Beal.

She moved to the area in February and says this isn't the first time she has heard gunshots outside of her home, but the fact that someone was killed surprised her.

"For the most part it's been a very quiet neighborhood, kind of secluded and pretty much everyone minds their own business," said Beal.

One resident felt this was an isolated incident, but the majority that live in the Alpine Apartments or surrounding neighborhood are worried and looking to move.

"I got a 15 year-old daughter and I am looking for her protection, as well as mine," said Beal.

She said she moved to the area for temporary housing, and now after the loss of a 14 year-old boy, she hopes to be out by next month.

"There are innocent children who are getting shot for no reason, no reason," said Beal.

Police say it is an ongoing investigation and if you have any additional information you are urged to contact them.