Driving Downtown Safely

Jonesboro-- Business owners and people who live and work Downtown say speeding is a big problem that needs to be addressed.  They drivers need to be aware that the two busiest times of the day are 8am and 5pm....as people drive to and from work.  People in Downtown Jonesboro say the two biggest problems they see are speeding drivers and motorists who ignore pedestrians in crosswalks.

K-8 News did our own non-scientific study of traffic today.  We took a consumer grade radar gun and clocked traffic on Main Street during the lunch hour.  We gauged speeds for one hour from a balcony overlooking Main Street.  Traffic turned out to be fairly light.  But out the motorists we did see, only one was driving between 0 - 15 miles an hour....we found 89 drivers who were driving between 16 -- 25 miles an hour...and we found 34 motorists speeding.