SAC to Close; Teachers Remember Their Time There

JONESBORO, AR -- The Sixth Grade Academic Center has been a part of the Jonesboro school system for seventeen years.  When we move to the magnet school plan in the fall SAC will cease to exist.

For the teachers this change is not feared but it is not a change they are looking forward to.

"I've been here seventeen years since the beginning of SAC which was 1990," said Layne Yawn.

The SAC building will be used as a part of the magnet system and all of the teachers will scatter to the different schools in Jonesboro.  This school is one of a kind for Jonesboro.

"It was kind of nervous experience at first because we have all the sixth graders coming to one school.  It was a new adventure for all of us and it turned out it was a wonderful experience," said Yawn.

"Every teacher elected to come here.  We were given the choice.  If you didn't want to come you could stay at your elementary school and I think that's what made it such a great place," said Tacey Cravens.

The sixth graders don't fully grasp the meaning of this school or the saddness felt by the teachers.

"I'll probably miss the teachers the most.  They're just a great bunch to work with," said Yawn.

Several thousand students have made their way through the halls over the years.

"A lot of them have really succeeded in life.  Some have gone on to medical school some to law school and it really gives me a lot of pleasure to know that they did turn out all right.  They really are good kids like they were when they were here," said Yawn.

This week is bittersweet for many with very tangible evidence that the end is near.  The classrooms are filled with packed boxes.

"It's goodbye to great times and hello to new beginnings," said Cravens.

As part of that goodbye the students will have a special way to mark the close to this chapter.

"We're going to bury a time capsule and they've all questioned what's going to be in it and why are we doing it," said Cravens.

The time capsule will be opened in the year 2023 when the last class that goes through SAC has their ten year reunion.

The capsule will be buried on Thursday morning at 10:30 a.m.