More Fire Stations Could Save YOU Money

JONESBORO, AR -- When the fire alarm goes off and the threat to home and lives is real, response time from the fire department is everything.

The City of Jonesboro will soon be better protected from fires. Not only will adding more fire stations improve your safety, but possibly your pocketbook too.

"It's been turned over to the construction companies and hopefully they're going to be starting groundbreaking here within the next week or so. And hopefully with the weather the way it is, they'll be able to progress along pretty fast," says Kevin Miller, a Division Chief for the Jonesboro Fire Department.

They're hoping to start construction at both sites sometime this week. The first station will be located on C.W. Post Road in the Industrial Park and will be replacing the station on East Highland Drive.

The second station will be a brand new station, not a replacement. It's located off Brazos Street, just south of the Turtle Creek Mall. It's currently a city park. Part of the park will remain and the other half will be the site of the new station.

"The new station will be basically in the new mall area to help with the industrial region, the residential, and the retail area down there," says Miller.

And as with anything new, this fire station will start from ground zero.

"It'll mean an initial engine company that will go into service which means more staffing, more personnel, to provide better protection to the citizens," says Miller.

So, how will 2 new fire stations affect your pocketbook?

"It all relates back to our fire rating, our ISO rating, helping to maintain the city's class 3 rating and doing whatever we can to improve that rating," says Miller.

The more stations, the better protected your house is and in turn, that could mean lower homeowner's insurance rates.

"So, the lower the number, the more affordable and the better the insurance is. From our benefit, the more stations, the more strategically located, then the faster we're able to get to a situation, the faster we can respond, then the better off we are," adds Miller.

We spoke with Ben Ford at State Farm Insurance about the possibility of this lowering your homeowner's insurance. He said, generally speaking, the closer your house is to a fire station, the lower your insurance rate. So by the city placing a new station in a residential area in the middle of the city, this should help out many citizens.